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Highway 88 specializes in product and marketing consulting for businesses and merchants who are interested in developing effective product and marketing strategies designed to maximize market leadership, product sales, and customer value.

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Our Approach
The Consumer's or Business's Needs are Always at the Center of a Successful Product, Program, or Service.

At Highway 88, the consumer's or business's needs are always at the center of a successful product, program, and/or service.

Although consumers have more product and service choices, they have less time to study their options and the features and benefits those options offer. Therefore, in order for the product or service to be successful, the consumer's or business's needs must be explored to determine the product need and/or most effective marketing positioning to communicate the benefits of the product or service.

A disciplined process of framing and researching the opportunity begins the process, followed by planning. All product and marketing roadmaps take into account logical phases of deployment to optimize the consumer or business product/service experience.


Execution is well-sized and scoped to make sure measures of success are determined and resources are secured. Launch analysis is done during and after to fine tune the offering, product, or program. This process loop assures customer satisfaction and executional excellence.

In addition to consumer/business focus product design. Targeted, efficient marketing methods are utilized to break though and assist consumers and business get the information they need when they need it.